Honor Recruits is an operating foundation 70% of our spending goes directly to programs that improve veteran’ lives throughout the United States. Your contributions are vital to the Honor Recruits ongoing work around the Nation. Your generous support will benefit the Honor Recruits programs and operations.

Management and general expenses along with fundraising operations, counts for 30% of donations received. Honor Recruits is an veteran operating foundation. The money raised by Honor Recruits Call Centers. HR Adviser's (HRACC) HR Adviser's contact customers to raise money for veteran programs and the money is spent directly on our programs and can be spent, as grants to other veteran charities and national charitable organizations.

Examples of general and administrative expenses are:

Accounting staff wages and benefits.

Office and building rent.

Call center and consulting expenses.

Corporate management team wages and benefits

Depreciation on office equipment.


Legal staff wages and benefits.

Office supplies.


Honor Recruits, Nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance the American Heritage of freedom by honoring and encouraging military service, defending the sovereignty of the United States, and promoting a strong national defense. We carry out our mission through direct support of veterans.